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The Satanic Tarot is a condensation of over 15 years' worth of my personal and professional experiences as a fortune-teller into a single volume composed of five parts. What follows is the unvarnished truth, and although you may not agree with what I have to say, I promise that every word of it is based on reality. You'll find no theory in the pages that follow, only the ripened fruit of practical application. When I tell you who I am and show you what I do, you should not only believe me but also ask yourself who you are and look at what you do. You might not like what you see, but in the words of Frank Herbert, "The unclouded eye was better, no matter what it saw."

Stuff & Nonsense
Regarding the Fortune-Teller
  1. Why a Satanic Tarot?
  2. Welcome to the Labyrinth.
  3. What is the Third Side?
  4. Why I'm not an Occultist.
  5. What Can the Tarot Do for You?
  6. The Magic of Mastery.
  7. Remove your Goodguy Badge
  8. Confessions of a Guilty Fortune-Teller.
  9. Know Thyself.
  10. You’re only Human.
  11. Fibber McGee.
  12. Get a Real Job, you Bum!
  13. Shut Up and Take my Money!
  14. Choice and Consequence.
Regarding the Fortune-Told
  1. Your Existence is Intoxicating and Addictive.
  2. Sex, Sentiment, and Wonder.
  3. Look Over Here, not Over There.
  4. A “Sinner” by Any Other Name.
  5. Connect the Dots.
  6. Everybody Plays the Fool.
  7. Play to Your Audience.
  8. Covert vs. Overt Witchcraft.
  9. A Primer on Cold-Reading and Body-language.
  10. Fortune-Tellers Will Never be Out of a Job.
  11. The Sitters You Meet in Hell.
Regarding the Performance of Fortune
  1. Don’t Mistake the Means for the End.
  2. What is the Source of Your Power?
  3. Fantasy is Fantastically Useful.
  4. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.
  5. Reveal All but One of Your Secrets.
  6. Truth and Fantasy.
  7. Power over Sitters.
  8. Prediction vs. Causation.
  9. Love and Light? Hate and Fight.
  10. You’re not a Sainted Prophet.
  11. The Seven Fortune-telling Archetypes.
  12. Wishful Thinking is Masturbation.
  13. Nine Satanic sins for Tarot readers.
  14. Eleven Satanic Rules for Tarot Readers.
  15. Ten Tips for New Fortune Tellers.
Regarding the Invention of Fortune
  1. The Hermetic Connection.
  2. The Principle of Mentalism.
  3. The Magician, Chaos, and the Devil.
  4. The Whore, the Hermit, and the Tower.
  5. The Priestess, the Wheel, and the Star.
  6. The Priest, Inequality, and the Moon.
  7. The Pope, the Hanged Man, and the Sun.
  8. The Lovers, Death, and the Illuminati.
  9. The Charioteer, Discipline, and the World.
  10. The Joker and the Happy Squirrel.
  11. Working with the Grand Tableau.
  12. Principle of Rhythm
  13. The Principle of Correspondence.
  14. The Principle of Gender.
  15. The Principle of Vibration
  16. The 40 Pips.
  17. Principle of Polarity.
  18. Principle of Cause and Effect.
Regarding the Sum of All Parts
  1. The Basics.
  2. Two-Card Arrangements.
  3. Three-Card Arrangements.
  4. Four-card arrangements.
  5. Five-card arrangements.
  6. Six-card Arrangements.
  7. 10-card Arrangements.
  8. The 12 Houses.
  9. Answering Yes-or-No Questions.
  10. Group Performances
  11. Satanic Ritual.
  12. To be a Magician, You Must Wield Magic.