Sin 11: Satanic Ritual.

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I’ve included three cards in the Satanic Tarot which you won’t find anywhere else: a symbol of Baphomet, a black candle, and a white candle. I invite you to use these cards for the erection of a symbolic altar: place the symbol of Baphomet directly in front of you, the white candle at your right hand, and the black candle at your left hand. This allows you to have all the visual elements of a Satanic altar in a portable format. 

Your sitters might find Satanic ritual an alluring spectacle, but chances are good that they don’t actually want to participate. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, you should probably keep the symbol of Baphomet and both candles tucked away where they won’t cause any problems. 

The symbol of Baphomet, the white candle, and the black candle are used for specific reasons. I’ve come to know them according to the principles set forth by Dr. LaVey in the Satanic Bible, and I use them because they work for me. If you’re unfamiliar with the use of these symbols, I encourage you to read about greater magic as discussed in the Satanic Bible. If you’re familiar with these symbols but use them differently, then who am I to tell you what to do? I use whatever works for me, and you should use whatever works for you.

Ultimately, the 78 cards of the Satanic Tarot are fully malleable to your desires. Use them to focus and channel your will. Let them be a vehicle for your imagination. Dominate the Tarot and put it to work as you see fit, because you who read this are the final authority on what the cards mean and how they’re supposed to be used.