Sin 10: Group Performances

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One of the things that I really enjoy about fortune-telling is that people who get their fortunes told often do so with friends, and even though some of them insist that they don’t have any questions, I’ve yet to meet anybody that sat down to my table claiming disinterest who didn’t participate in the performance to one degree or another. The reason that I love group performances is because it’s a cold-reader’s paradise. When I’m performing for one person, I have only that person’s reactions to use as indicators, but with a group of friends every word I speak is magnified exponentially: the sitter might play coy, but his or her friends are a reliable peanut gallery who make my job substantially easier.

The challenge with performing for groups isn’t that more eyes and ears will hear and see your shortcomings, but that you’ll simply run out of time to perform for everybody present. On the occasion either that there isn’t enough time, or that the group is looking for something that they can all share together, the solution is quite easy: each sitter gets unique anchor cards, but they all share the same reference cards. 

For example, if there’s a group of three sitters then you can lay down their own Needs, Habits, and Desires. Give each sitter some cards so they can touch and play with them while joking about who got what. Then, in the common area in the middle of the table, lay down one massive arrangement to cover anything that might come up. For example:

Individual anchor cards
First sitter: Needs, Habits, Desires
Second sitter: Needs, Habits, Desires
Third sitter: Needs, Habits, Desires

Shared reference cards
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
Open, Hidden, Blind, Unknown
1st House, 2nd House, 3rd House, 4th House
5th House, 6th House, 7th House, 8th House
9th House, 10th House, 11th House, 12th House
1-4 months, 5-8 months, 9-12 months
1-6 months, 7-12 months
1-12 months

Because each sitter’s anchor cards modify the reference cards, it will be impossible for any of them to have the same fortune. What’s more, because they all share the reference cards in the common area it’ll be very easy to tie each sitter into each other’s fortunes. The resulting potential for exciting and amusing combinations is unlimited.

When performing for groups, the most important thing is to have fun! The sitters you’re deceiving are looking for a good time, so put on a show. With history as my guide, some of the sitters in the group will be drunk or stoned, and while I generally refuse to perform for people who are unable to give consent, the rest of the group is still expecting you to help get the party started. 

Have a sense of humor, and roll with the punches because they’re going to be hooking and jabbing to see if they can get under your skin. So long as you don’t take yourself too seriously and are willing to laugh at yourself (and make appropriate jokes about them), everybody’s going to have a great time and you’ll do business with these sitters again.