Satan 7: Play to Your Audience.

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Never forget that if your sitters have reached the point where they’re willing pay money to be deceived, then there's nothing you can do to impress them more—only less. The task before you is not to amaze your sitters with incredible powers of psychic foresight, but to simply walk beside them in an occult labyrinth of your own construction.

Don’t commit the Satanic sin of solipsism: your sitters may or may not believe you when you warn them that it's all fantasy, but they'll gladly embrace your fantasy in place of reality because they're in a mental or emotional state which requires the purgative liberty of your deception. If during a performance you attempt to rationalize fortune-telling and make your sitters accept that there really isn't any magic involved in your deception, they'll be very disappointed.

When performing a deception, you owe it to your sitters to use the words they paid to hear. Talk about the major arcana and the minor arcana, and use the full name of every card when you refer to it: sitters adore hearing things such as "the All Seeing Eye of the Illuminati is watching you;" "the Black Pope stands against you;" "you're covered by the Tower of Babylon;" "the past is governed by the Devil;" and so on, and that's only what’s possible with the names of the cards. You can enhance your performance at the same time you increase your sitter's satisfaction by explaining how the cards are connected. Tell your sitter about the septenaries and triads. Make frequent reference to the sustaining or antagonizing influence among the cards on the table. Your sitter will be dazzled and amazed by this look into the world of fortune-telling! The narrative that emerges during the performance of fortune-telling would be the same no matter how you dressed it up, but dress it up you must or your sitter will be disappointed.

Also remember that no matter how contrived the randomly generated narrative presented by the cards may be, it will be believed so long as you speak confidently and with great conviction. I've performed more deceptions than I can recall in which the cards on the table presented a nonsense message that was either irrelevant or contradictory. And how did I handle this? Smoke and mirrors, my lovelies: I needed only the puffery of fancy occult words paired with my sincere conviction as a practiced liar to smooth it over. Even in a deception when the narrative which emerges from the Tarot cards on the table makes no sense to me, I can tell my sitters, "To be honest, I'm not sure I understand what the cards are trying to say. Does it make sense to you?," and every time my sitters will eagerly fill in the blanks.

So believe me when I tell you: if you speak with certainty and find every reason to make reference to your obscure occult vocabulary, then you may have absolutely no fear that your sitters will see through even the most fabulous lies. And why? Because your sitters sincerely want you to deceive them with as much style and artistry as you can summon—it would be rude to do otherwise.