Satan 4: A “Sinner” by Any Other Name.

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A significant reason why sitters find themselves at your Tarot table (and why you yourself sit for other fortune-tellers) is to receive permission to go ahead with a previously selected course of action. Some sitters who've been indulging in deception for a long time have learned the jargon: they're looking for "confirmation" or "affirmation," yet don't even realize the cognitive bias this entails. They might as well say, "Just tell me what I want to hear." And you know, it’s not difficult to tell people what they want to hear, because your sitter will nearly always tell you everything you need to know before you even start.

The difference between fortune-tellers and sitters is that fortune-tellers don't need anybody's permission to do what they want. You who read this are aware that you yourself are responsible for your successes and failures, and while the risk of failure and other consequences is present in any decision, you aren't paralyzed by fear, anxiety, and indecision.

But sitters are, and that's why they need your help to either encourage them toward action or liberate them from indecision. Don't smirk at sitters as if they're sub-humans incapable of making decisions, because the sitter you mock today is you yourself tomorrow. Fear and indecision are part of the so-called human condition, and while some of us cope better than others, weakness is a common denominator for all humanity. Each of us are on occasion struck by the fear of making the wrong decision, but also the fear of not making any decision at all. For any of us our decision-making processes can become so impaired by debilitating anxiety that ambiguity and uncertainty become bogeymen under our beds keeping us up at night. In response to such fear and anxiety, it's natural to cry out for relief and take advantage of any remedy that offers the desired relief.

There are travelers of the right-hand path who believe it's wrong to deceive a sitter, and believe it or not, but I mostly agree with them: I'm a law-abiding citizen and because I prefer more liberty as opposed to less I'll always stay on the right side of the law to avoid the attention of the local magistrate. But you know, there's no law against being an entertainer or a fortune teller, and in line with that one of my personal rules is that I never attempt to deceive a sitter who hasn't consented to the performance.

Aren't I generous? I'm the most generous person you'll ever meet, because for a nominal fee I give people the permission they need to live their lives. If not for me, they'd just keep on living with their suffering! So many of my sitters have been told their entire lives that it's wrong to be human and shameful to satisfy their natural desires. Fortunately, they have me. I permit them to indulge in the sultry affair to relieve the stifling boredom of a failed marriage. I permit them to abandon a failing business and ignore the disappointment of family members. I permit them to make an extravagant but justified purchase without remorse. 

However, I am only able to do these things because my sitters give me permission to do so. Yet even so, I have no more authority to give my sitters permission to do these things than Peter Pan or Captain Crunch. Were I cruel, I'd keep this power to myself, but lucky for them I'm willing to play the role they demand of me. Aren't I generous?