Lucifer 6: The Magic of Mastery.

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Fortune-tellers are entertainers—nothing more, nothing less—but this doesn't mean that entertainers aren't required to invest time and effort into mastering their performances. Whether you lean outward to the exoteric or inward to the esoteric, you will through trial and error learn to enhance your performances and deepen your fantasy. The exoteric fortune-teller will sharpen his or her ability to read a sitter's attire, body language, and facial expressions to the point that very little is hidden from his or her sight. The esoteric fortune-teller will become a captivating story-teller and know every turn and switch-back in the labyrinth with which to capture attention and inspire action.

But make no mistake: this isn't a matter of inborn psychic abilities or intuitive skills. You're not a sensitive, an indigo, or a godly prophet. You're a performer, and like all performers you came to your abilities through practice and honest awareness of the focused application of your will to mastery. My sitters frequently praise my intuitive abilities and no matter how I try to manage their expectations and keep them from pushing me into an impossible position, they insist that I've got the sight. Outwardly, I'm always flattered, humble, and grateful for their praise, but inwardly I laugh at their choice to disregard my explicit warnings to the contrary.

I'm no psychic intuitive, and I haven't any supernatural powers. Instead, I've applied myself to the study and performance of lesser magic both in its exoteric and esoteric aspects. To paraphrase Magus Gilmore who wrote in his Satanic Scriptures about the magic of mastery, I've applied myself to the mastery of fortune-telling. 

The sitters for whom I perform—and more than a handful of other fortune-tellers of the right-hand path—can't imagine that I have conceived and memorized a maze which I use to temporarily deceive both them and myself.

This is no intuitive act of looking at stale images on cards and allowing my psychic sense to divine a measure of holy guidance. No, it's all me: through uncounted hours of devotion I have mastered a fine maze. My sitters see only the walls beside them and my lamp leading the way through the darkness, but they either don't see or refuse to be shown that I myself am he who built the maze, laid every brick, and prepared multiple dead-ends and switch-backs for the sole reason of deepening their fantasy and opening their mind to as yet unimagined potential.

And while you would think that other fortune-tellers understand this, I've found them to be among the most fervent believers in mumbo jumbo. They are the truly blind because they don't understand that they themselves have built the maze. They don't know which way to go or how to extricate themselves from the labyrinth because they're standing so firmly on the right-hand path that they're both unwilling and unable to violate the imagined rules which inform their white-light paradigm. 

No matter what discussions I have with such fortune-tellers, sooner or later they will insist that while I have an "interesting perspective," their psychic abilities or imaginary friends make them all the more powerful, righteous, and enlightened than I. Such fortune-tellers are either unable or unwilling to give themselves credit for becoming masters of deception, and instead of accepting that the magic of their mastery is what completes the deception, they will instead appeal to the authority of inborn gifts or the presence of imaginary friends.

An example of this is the Coral Castle, an immense structure in Leisure City, Florida built from massive slabs of limestone by a single man: Edward Leedskalnin. The Coral Castle is famous because the entire structure was built without the use of any motorized equipment. Edward used hand-operated cutting tools, pulleys, and other basic equipment to cut and move enormous blocks of limestone into precise position. Despite a museum attendant to the Coral Castle and a book written by an engineer who was Edward's friend which explains in unmistakable detail how the work was done, a large number of people choose to believe that he accomplished the work at best through the secret use of motorized equipment, or at worst by use of telekinesis or even with the assistance of space aliens.

The woman who told me about the Coral Castle insisted that what Edward did was impossible without the use of motorized equipment and that he must have had psychic abilities to levitate the rocks with his mind. When I did a simple Google search and showed her everything that refutes her claims—including the the words of Edward himself who built the Coral Castle to show what self-discipline can accomplish—she shut her eyes to it and insisted that she knew it was all a conspiracy to prevent people from becoming aware that telekinesis is real. This woman proved true the words of Magus Gilmore who said that mastery will always be perceived as wizardry by people who refuse to see beyond their own limitations. 

And so it is with your sitters: through the mastery of lesser magic and the performance of fortune-telling, they will be stupefied by your seeming psychic and intuitive abilities. They will never accept that you've created the very maze in which they find themselves, because they assume based on their limited knowledge of the world that you are as blind and lost as they. For these reasons, you should at some point before your performance begins always inform your sitters that what you're doing is for entertainment only, and then having done so never feel guilt from employing your mastery to deceive those who literally refuse to know any better. You can ask others to share in your mastery, but if they refuse to heed your warning then the consequences of their ignorance aren't your fault, but theirs.