Lucifer 10: You’re only Human.

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There is a difference between what you who read the cards know to be true and what those who want you to read the cards believe to be true. For your sitters, your services must always be enhanced with a measure of the super-normal because for so many of them it is never good enough to accept the world for what it really is. Your sitters will always seek the unknown, because fundamentally they want to escape from the burden of reality into the luxury of fantasy. For this reason, they will always try to identify your sixth sense. 

I can testify from my own experience that even when I have come right out and told a sitter that I have no special abilities, they will enthusiastically tell me that I'm wrong. According to them, I am in fact a highly gifted intuitive empath. There are few things which amuse me more than sitters who insist on telling me to lie when I've gone out of my way to tell the truth. If my sitters choose to believe that I’m anything other than what I’ve told them, that’s their business. Getting paid for my performance is my business.

The only power I have as a fortune-teller is the ability to gain knowledge from my existing senses. I'm skeptical that a so-called sixth sense exists, but I'm willing to be persuaded. Until then, my existing senses will have to do, and I think they're more than sufficient to meet my needs. The regular five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch are incredible on their own, but combined with lived experience and the practiced ability to observe emotional feelings, "gut response,” and other deep-indicators that fail to register as conscious thoughts will appear as nothing less than pure magic to the uninitiated. 

For example: did you know that the enteric nervous system—which includes the organs of the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine—has more than 100 million neurons? According to the best available research, that's more than either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system, and is equal to about one tenth the neurons in the brain (which itself is best estimated at around 100 billion neurons.) Understanding that your internal stimuli happen for a reason in response to external stimuli is what your sitters will attribute to supernatural causes. Whether you call it the same is up to you, but I prefer to take a more skeptical view on the matter. 

As I’ll discuss later in the book, your sitters are fanatics for shattering themselves into as many pieces as possible in the name of holism. Mind, body, spirit, past, present, future, and so on: in an oxymoronic attempt to see the entire self, your sitters break themselves into ever smaller pieces and look for broader connections where none exist.

But you're not your sitters: you're a Satanist who embraces the truth that, to paraphrase Popeye, "you are who you are and that's all that you are." Perhaps there are other causes at work beyond what I perceive through my skeptical lens? I accept that it's possible and would be excited to see repeatable, peer-reviewed research proving this is so. But until that time, I think that there are more likely reasons which go much further toward explaining so-called psychic phenomena.

It's important to SEE yourself through your sitters' eyes, yet never BE yourself through your sitters' eyes. Indulge in your sitters' preferred fantasies if you will, but never forget the reality in which you yourself truly exist.