Belial 6: The Priest, Inequality, and the Moon.

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The High Priest, Inequality, and the Moon
From left to right, the fourth triad in our grand tableau is composed of the High Priest, Inequality, and the Moon. Out of all seven of the triads present in the combined septenary of the grand tableau, this one may be the most difficult to grasp for the sole reason that the three cards this group all speak about issues of timing, rhythm, importance, status, priority, speed, relevance, and urgency.

This is difficult to grasp not only because these are already vague subjects, but also because the ability to set and define these things demands a number of prerequisites including (but not limited to) being respected by others who would follow your commands, remembering past orthodoxies, correctly discerning popular sentiment at a given time, recognizing opportunity before anybody else does, and having a strong sense for knowing when to leap even though others stand still.

Our thesis is the High Priest, represented by an inverted pentagram rooted firmly into a trapezoid of power. The base elements presiding over a spirit submerged into an imposing trapezoid communicate naked authority. Wherever he appears in a reading he indicates a person, situation, or thing which is causing other people, situations, or things to shift their priorities, change their rhythm, or expand beyond their limited scope. 

The High Priest is the sole agent in the entirety of the grand tableau who is able to cause paradigm shifts and direct the pivot of large numbers of people whence he desires: left, right, or center, the High Priest decides. Despite the High Priest's tremendous power to direct expansive, meaningful movement, he is prone to hubris and should respect both his limitations as well as the lesson of his polar opposite, the Moon.

Because the High Priest stands at the balance point of the thetical trumps, he has neither a neutral opposite nor a complementary opposite—only a polar opposite, the Moon, represented by a black-and-white half-moon who communicates the wane, dark qualities traditionally attributed to it in song and poetry. Wherever the Moon appears in a reading, it shows a person, situation, or thing which has diminished in stature and consequently shifted its priorities, adjusted its rhythm, or changed its values. This erosion can be the result of many things, but ultimately comes down to the fact that he, she, or it has lost relevance, is no longer judged as being worthwhile, or has stepped out of the spotlight in order to wait for better days. The motto of the Moon could be, “This too shall pass.”

If the High Priest is skilled, he can avoid the waning effects of the Moon and direct people, things, and circumstances in such a way that they retain vitality, relevance, and urgency. But if the High Priest is inept, or has fallen under the full force of the Moon, he is left behind. Still, even the cycles of the Moon need not be an impediment to a High Priest who knows how to employ them to his benefit.

The synthesis of the High Priest and the Moon is Inequality, represented by the mathematical symbol for the same because like it or not but the world in which we live has always been and will always be inequal. In the grand tableau of the 21 numbered trumps, Inequality sits at the very middle and while it's influenced by every other card in the grand tableau, it never loses its agency. Inequality decides for itself what is right or wrong, when to stay or go, and pridefully elevates itself or cunningly lowers itself as needed to gain the greatest rewards and avoid the most severe consequences. 

Inequality is here to stay, and although I don't aspire to live in a world marked by inequality, it’s the world I have. I’m able to devote myself to changing the law, improving outcomes for the people I love, and finding judgement for the guilty who’ve impacted the quality of my life, but pretending that the world provides equal opportunities to everybody is a fantasy unworthy of my intelligence. There is no final remedy for Inequality, but there is the devilish left hand of the Magician and the guiding right hand of the Charioteer which bring forth accusation, opposition, and punishment against the worst excesses of inequality.