Belial 17: Principle of Polarity.

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At this point, I'm guessing that you're wishing for an easier way to remember all the things we’ve discussed. Lucky for you, an order-three magic square provides a convenient mnemonic:

square of saturn lo shu

What you see above is called an order-three magic square, which has also been called the Lo-Shu square as well as the Square of Saturn. All hokum aside, it's a mathematical amusement in which all numbers have been aligned so that no matter which way you add them—left to right, top to bottom, or along the diagonal—the final solution will always be 15. 

Among occultists, magic squares are believed by their configuration to hold great power. Occultists and the superstitious will paint these squares in various places, but also use convoluted methods to trace names and form sigils (such as the sigil of Lucifer which adorns the card-backs of the Satanic Tarot deck.)

Unlike occultists, I invest no belief in the supernatural power of numbers, but as a Satanist, I find pleasure in the aesthetic configuration of the Square of Saturn. This is not just for the dramatic reactions it produces among the ignorant, but also for the fact that it nicely arranges the numbers in a pattern that’s easily remembered. 

For example, 1 and 9 are opposites, and on this square they stand in polar opposition. Follow the pattern: 2 opposes 8; 3 opposes 7; and 4 opposes 6. In the middle of the square sits 5. For our purposes, 10 opposes 5. All the cardinal numbers are in the right column; all the fixed numbers are in the middle column; and all the mutable numbers are in the left column. This configuration is the minor tableau of the 40 pips.

And do you see how the houses of the Zodiac fit in? Cardinal houses align with cardinal numbers; fixed houses with fixed numbers; and mutable houses with mutable numbers. Just like how the combined septenary of the grand tableau provides a visual reference to easily organize and manipulate the relationships of the 21 numbered trumps, this magic square provides the same. If you're not seeing it, then remove all 10 pips from the suit of diamonds and lay them out like the square of Saturn. Next, remove the suit of hearts and lay them in order directly on top of the diamonds. Then clubs, and finally spades. 

Do you see what this means? The order-three square isn't a static grid—it's a dynamic hologram! Using the same treatment given to the trumps in their grand tableau, we can find agreement, support, neutrality, and opposition both by number and by element among the pips. In accordance with the principle of polarity, a quadruple-layered matrix of interconnected numbers is revealed in the minor tableau.