Announcing the Second Edition of The Satanic Tarot

Welcome back to the Satanic Tarot -- I've got a story to tell you.

After over a year of work, I finished the manuscript for the first edition of The Satanic Tarot and released it with much enthusiasm in January of 2018. I loved that book like a parent loves a child, and I gave it my undivided attention, countless hours of sleep I'll never get back, I don't even know how much sweat transferred from my hands into my laptop's keyboard, and if you count that time I sliced a disc off the tip of my thumb chopping vegetables then I probably also got some blood on the computer, too.

I poured myself into the creation of this work, and I promised myself that I would stop finessing the manuscript and publish by January of 2018. That deadline was a great motivator to maintain the pace of my writing and editing, but in hindsight it caused more problems than it solved because I made a classic self-publishing mistake and skimmed through my own work when an outside editor's objective input was what I really needed.

So, after three months of letting my book run wild, I decided that the responsible thing to do was pull it off the shelves and do the aggressive cutting I should have done in January. After vigorously attacking my manuscript, I have managed to weed out all the typos, formos, and grammos that should have never seen the light of day...

... and I also changed the tone and content of the book. It's true that the first edition suffered from the errors of an inexperienced self-publisher, but even more than that it suffered from a lack of perspective. I won't inflict the whole of the story upon you here, but suffice it to say that shortly after the first edition was released I experienced a paradigm shift in my understanding of Satanism, and it was a sufficiently deep shift that I came to feel that some of the arguments I advanced in the first edition no longer aligned with my understanding the world.

This shift was not to do with the practical application of the work -- a reality proven through my professional experiences and which I'm skeptical anything will change -- but was instead to do with the way that I related it to my understanding of Satanism. It was always my goal to write a book about a skeptical, informed approach to fortune-telling and this is why I was so delighted to learn about Satanism and its advocacy of ritual-as-psychodrama and the principle of the ritual chamber, but in hindsight it also influenced my writing to the point that I leaned very heavily into the attitude that might makes right, so far in fact that after prolonged contemplation upon my work I came to feel that it was my own thoughts and experiences spoken by a person I didn't know anymore.

The second edition of The Satanic Tarot has retreated from the most predatory and manipulative aspects of the first edition and now follows more closely in line with my understanding of the principles of greater magic, my role as an entertainer, and the value of consensual, participatory, and temporary self-deceit. After much consideration, I'm happy to announce that the finished work is worthy not only of my name, but hopefully also your consideration.

Finally, the second edition of The Satanic Tarot -- unlike the first edition -- has been released under a Creative Commons license which I sincerely hope will encourage Tarot-minded Satanists to share, discuss, and build upon the principles and practices illustrated in this manuscript. In a literary sense, I have become Dr. Frankenstein and this book is my monster, but unlike Dr. Frankenstein I am neither ashamed of my work nor jealous of my methods. It is my goal to share both my monster and the methods I used to make it with other daring minds who will join the march to advance a third-side perspective on fortune-telling. 

For too long the angels of the right-hand path have white-washed the black arts! Now is the time for demons of the left-hand path to open the eye of the Illuminati and dance with pleasure under the fall of angels whose half-hearted sinning is unable to endure the burning lips of the Devil's kiss.

I've had a hell of a time writing this book, and I hope you have a hell of a time reading it.

Hail Satan!