What is the Satanic Tarot?

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The Satanic Tarot, a book and deck for the education of lesser magicians.
In the Satanic tradition laid down by Anton LaVey is the concept of lesser magic which is the use of one's own wile and guile to deceive and manipulate other people into doing what you desire of them or getting what you want from them. It is into this category that Satanists place the occult practice of Tarot--at worst a confidence game and parlor entertainment, at best a method to shift perspective and purge anxiety--and it is from this perspective that nobody has ever treated Tarot. 

Until now: in the Satanic Tarot, all myths about fortune-tellers and the kind of people who seek them out are laid bare, the practice of fortune-telling is revealed for what it is (both in its strengths as well as its weaknesses), and a never-before seen method for interpreting the 78 cards of the Tarot fully rooted within the principles of The Satanic Bible is taught in exacting detail. 

Make no mistake: this book is a bombshell and is intended to blow open all closets within which upstanding fortune-tellers of the right-hand path believed their skeletons to have been hidden away where nobody would ever see them. The Satanic Tarot is a scathingly honest treatise on fortune-telling, and while many will call it depraved, some will recognize the wisdom that rest within its pages. 

Nothing within the pages of this book is theoretical--every word of it is based on my own working experience as a professional entertainer--and it was written because this perspective has not been presented anywhere else.