The Satanic Tarot: a 78-card deck for Lesser Magicians

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The Chaos star will liberate you from the suffocating rules of the right-hand path.
In the words of Anton LaVey who said in the Satanic Bible, "lesser magic consists of the wile and guile obtained through various devices which when utilized can create change, in accordance with ones will." Embrace the power of lesser magic, and the eye of the Illuminati will become your own. Through the use of the Satanic Tarot, the practitioner may temporarily deceive either him or herself, or a willing participant, in order to discover fantasy, force a paradigm shift, purge anxiety, and possibly more.

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The source files for The Satanic Tarot are available on Wikimedia Commons. If you want to print your own copy of The Satanic Tarot deck, then you need to download the source files to your device and then upload them into a print on demand service such as Make Playing Cards. Follow the instructions on the website to print your own copy of The Satanic Tarot. If you don’t understand how it works, contact the customer support for the print on demand service you’re using. Do not contact me to ask for help using a print on demand service.

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