Sin 6: Six-card Arrangements.

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Among six-card arrangements, I recommend two: an inverted pyramid and the Goat of Mendes. 

The Inverted Pyramid

The inverted pyramid is an elaboration on the three-card timing method already discussed, and it's exactly what it sounds like: six cards arranged in an upside-down pyramid. To create it, use six cards laid in three rows: three cards on the top row, two cards in the middle row, and one card on the bottom row. 

Do you want to explore what's happening over the next 12 months? Of course you do: that's how you make predictions. You lay down cards to represent a certain passage of time, and based on the way cards within that timeline interact with your chosen anchor card you can say with precision not only when something will happen, but how it will continue to evolve. 

When looking at this pyramid, remember that each layer represents the full duration of your chosen time-frame: the top layer is 12 months in thirds, the middle layer is 12 months in halves, and the bottom layer represents the entire 12 months. Because each layer overlaps, you can see how situations develop over time, where they overlap, where they disagree, and compare both short- and long-term influences.

To arrange an inverted pyramid, lay three cards in a row, then two cards in a row beneath it, and one more card beneath that. You can make an upright pyramid if you like, but I use an inverted pyramid because this lets me see the suit and pip value for every card on the table while being able to stack the cards tightly in order to prevent them from covering the entire table-top. At any rate, there's no need to make things complicated: just make an aesthetically pleasing configuration.

⅓ ⅓ ⅓
½ ½

The terrific thing about using a six-card pyramid is that you can select any period of time be it days, weeks, months, years, and even decades. Whatever the duration, simply divide it in three parts for the top layer and two parts for the middle layer, and one part for the bottom layer. That's it.

But how does it work? Let’s say Jane wants to know when John will reconcile. In this case, my preferred time-frame is 12 months because—let’s be honest with ourselves—if it’s not happening in the next year, it’s not happening at all. In a standard timing pyramid, this gives me three four-month windows, two six-month windows, and the whole 12 months at once to look for answers. If the answer is there, I can say when I see it happening as well as how I see it happening and other important events emerging at the same time. 

And did I mention that you can add additional layers to the bottom of the pyramid for greater detail and specificity? If you add another layer, then you can divide your specified duration of time into quarters. Add another, and you get fifths. Add another, and you get sixths. You are forewarned that going beyond quarters can create excessive complexity which hinders your performance.

occult pyramid tarot spread


Subject (9 of Diamonds) + Entire Six Months (7 of Spades)
Jane is the subject of the reading and she's represented by the anchor card, the fixed 9 of Diamonds. The entire duration of the six-month timeline is represented by the reference card, the cardinal 7 of Spades. In this configuration, the 7 of Spades reaches toward and antagonizes the 9 of Diamonds. In this combination, the 9 of Diamonds shows Jane for the entire duration of the coming six months in a period of time where she's unable to properly plan for her future financial goals because of the frightening potential of a new partnership. 

The 7 of Spades is governed by the King of Spades who covers the second half of the six month forecast, so this broad theme becomes more specific in the second half of the forecast. The Black Pope in the second 1/3 intensifies this theme, but the referential 10 of Hearts in the third 1/3 yields to the anchored 9 of Diamonds and therefore the third 1/3 shows diminished intensity of the up-pyramid 7 of Spades.

Subject (9 of Diamonds) + Third 1/3 (10 of Hearts)
Jane is the subject of the reading and she's represented by the anchor card, the fixed 9 of Diamonds. The third 1/3 of the six-month timeline is represented by the reference card, the 10 of Hearts which I'm choosing to interpret in its cardinal aspect. In this configuration, the the 9 of Diamonds reaches out to grasp and sustain the 10 of Hearts. This combination shows Jane reasserting control through her committed intentions for material success and by extension her domestic security in the place where she feels most confident. Jane is motivated by the desire to control her material outcomes and for that reason is nurturing speed in her affairs to hasten the arrival of her desired is-to-be regardless of other persistent demands on her time and resources.


And remember that large arrangement I showed you at the end of the previous chapter? You can replace the three-card timeline with an inverted pyramid for even greater detail. This is what it would look like:

Needs, Habits, Desires

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Open, Hidden, Blind, Unknown
Work, Money, Family, Love, Personal
1-4 months), 5-8 months Top-3 (9-12 months)
Middle-1 (1-6 months), Middle-2 (7-12 months)

Bottom-1 (1-12 months)


The Goat of Mendes

The second six-card arrangement is one of my own creation which I call the Goat of Mendes and its aesthetic configuration is taken from the inverted pentagram. Unlike the upright pentagram which shows a man standing with his feet upon the bottom points, hands spread to the horizontal points, and head in the ascendant point, the Goat of Mendes is the reverse: two horns in the upright points, ears hanging to the horizontal points, and a tangled beard dangling in the bottom point. This isn't a spiritual man ascending to Heaven, but a carnal beast rooted in the earth. This arrangement jumps straight into the heart of material affairs and challenges you to both recognize and reward those who help you, while accusing and opposing those who hurt you.

The Goat of Mendes uses the following positions:
  • Face: Subject of the reading
  • Beard: How the subject has helped or hurt itself.
  • Left Ear: How friends help the subject.
  • Left Horn: How the subject can reward its friends.
  • Right Ear: How enemies hurt the subject.
  • Left Ear: How the subject can punish its enemies.
If you so choose, you may include the three additional cards created for this deck—the black and white candles and the symbol of Baphomet—to enhance your ritual experience.

satanic tarot spread


Face (Jack of Hearts) + Right Ear (Discipline)
The sitter John is symbolized by the anchor card, the Jack of Hearts. The way John is helped by his friends is symbolized by the reference card sitting at the right ear, the synthetic trump Discipline. In this configuration, the Jack of Hearts expresses the 2 of Hearts in a fixed aspect and cooperates with Discipline. In this combination, John is helped to endure loss and transition by the support of friends who won't enable his worst habits and who serve as steady pillars in his unsteady world.

Face (Jack of Hearts) + Left Ear (5 of Diamonds)
The sitter John is symbolized by the anchor card, the Jack of Hearts. The way John is harmed by his enemies is symbolized by the reference card sitting at the left ear, the fixed 5 of Diamonds. In this configuration, the Jack of Hearts expresses the 7 of Hearts in a fixed aspect which generously gives to the 5 of Diamonds. In this combination, we see that John is harmed by his enemies through their use of lesser magic to manipulate him into feeling outraged that they're not being given the love and attention they need in life. John is being drained by psychic vampires preying on his compassion and triggering his outrage into convincing him that he simply must give his own time and resources to give them what they want him to think they are owed.


A final word of caution to the wise fortune-teller: People who’ve wronged you deserve to be punished, but be careful that “eye for an eye” justice doesn’t leave you blind at the end. Self-deceit can be fun and stimulating, but remember it for the fantasy that it is.