Sin 12: To be a Magician, You Must Wield Magic.

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Words, words, words. Talk is cheap, isn’t it? Contrary to popular belief, words aren't a dime a dozen, but free by the boatload. You can deceive others and even yourself with words, but you'll never change anything until you translate words into actions. There's a lot of truth in the words of Magistra Peggy Nadramia who wrote in The Satanic Witch, “The biggest problem you’ll have with this advice is resolving yourself to try it.” The path to mastery isn't easy, but the rewards are great. 

So, dear reader, after all we’ve been through this is the point where there's nothing else I can teach you about how to deceive yourself and others and you must take personal responsibility for your education. You will not understand at first (such is the way with anything that is new), but as you put thoughts into words and words into actions you’ll understand how the pieces fit together.

Try it. Do it. Take it. This power is already yours, but you must choose to exercise it. If you do this, you will awaken to the fifth Enochian call. Sink your roots deep into the darkness of Hell, reach up to the brightness of Heaven, and garnish your branches with myriad ever-burning lamps. On the day that you stand in the depths of Hell and grasp the gates of Heaven, you may be known as a receiver of my mysteries.