Satan 6: Everybody Plays the Fool.

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Novice fortune-tellers worry that their deception will be discovered and that they'll be called out on the spot as a bare-faced liar. Fortunately that anxiety is completely unfounded, because the absolute truth is that your sitters want you to fool them. From the moment they choose to participate in your deception, they have entered the ritual chamber and suspended disbelief.

The reason that the novice fortune-teller hasn't likewise suspended disbelief is because he or she doesn't understand that the sitter is the one doing all the heavy lifting. Don't believe me? Then consider how skeptics who debunk astrology will ask a room of participants for each of their exact times, places, and dates of birth, and then after a short wait produce a detailed astrological report. The participants are asked to read the astrological report and then one by one declare their opinion of the report's accuracy. After the vast majority has announced the veracity of their unique astrological report, the presenter will tell them to trade reports with their neighbors. Can you guess the surprise? Everybody got the exact same report.

Skeptics have been doing this exact demonstration for decades, and while you'd think that astrology would fall from public consciousness, it has instead dug ever deeper for the sole reason that people insist on being deceived. Not only do they pay to be deceived, but if given the opportunity they'll lead the deception themselves! To do so, the fortune-teller need only nudge the sitter in the right direction with open-ended questions. The sitter will readily agree to filling up time with his or her own words, and the fortune-teller just builds upon what's already been said to keep it going. At the end, after the sitter has allowed the fortune-teller to be witness to the show, the sitter will thank the fortune-teller profusely and even pay a nice fee for the services rendered.

The fortune-teller who is unaware of this reality is doing his or her sitters a great disservice, because they sincerely want to participate in the deception. If sitters were able to resolve their concerns on their own, then they'd have no need for a fortune-teller to alleviate their guilt, frustration, anxiety, fear, and worry. The fantastical narrative dispensed by the fortune-teller is the sitter's preferred antidote for disappointing realities.

Sitters who habitually consult fortune-tellers train themselves into this behavior, and even if they occasionally see through the tricks of the trade, they'll convince themselves to ignore every single failed prediction in the past so that they can continue to sustain the comfort of self-deceit. No matter how they complain about failed predictions, they'll always come back and find another fortune-teller who'll permit them to play the fool. You must never forget that your sitters absolutely do not care about accurate fortune-telling, because if they did then they'd have realized after the very first fortune they ever received that it was bogus.