Leviathan 7: Power over Sitters.

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Fortune-tellers wield incredible power because they play nearly the same role as priests: they are confessors whose primary responsibility is to absolve the sitter of unwanted mental and emotional concerns. So when a sitter enters your lair, a crucial opening of the performance is to let the sitter speak first. Invite the sitter to start the performance by confessing. How has he or she been inconvenienced? Who or what brings the sitter so much anxiety, fear, frustration, sadness, or concern? 

Speaking for myself, I really enjoy listening to my sitters' confessions—not only do I get to dabble in their private lives, but I also get the pleasure of knowing that even at this earliest stage of the performance I've relieved the sitter of a terrible weight. This is accomplished by inviting the sitter to lower him or herself in front of me, which in turn gives me greater power over the sitter during the the performance to fulfill the role asked of me. 

If you don’t understand why this is so, think about it: How can the sitter begin to think that I can be wrong when he or she has already confessed his or her weaknesses to me? Through submission, the sitter invites me to play a dominant role. The initial confession and humiliation are not only integral to the performance of a deception, but also an experience that the sitter earnestly desires because it allows him or her to feel no longer alone in his or her troubles.

For your sitters, this is just like going to church except that instead of giving 10% of their annual income to protect pedophile priests, they can pay you a much smaller amount and get the same benefit. So long as you aren't afraid to indulge your sitter's desires and use your power over them exactly as they ask, everybody wins!