Leviathan 3: Fantasy is Fantastically Useful.

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In LaVeyan Satanism there is the concept of the ritual chamber. This is a place where the Satanist can temporarily suspend disbelief, embrace ignorance, and imagine an is-to-be other outside of present reality. Satanists are encouraged to maintain a separate room as their ritual chamber and elaborately decorate it with the objects most conducive to their demonic selves, or to create it on an as-needed basis for the purpose of evoking their will. There are even some Satanists who perform ritual entirely within their minds in an intensely focused meditative state, but whatever form the ritual chamber takes, the principle is always observed.

As it regards fortune-telling, I believe that many fortune-tellers (and their sitters) use the principle of the ritual chamber in order to suspend disbelief and enter into the temporary indulgence of fantasy in order to permit fantasy to reign supreme.

Critics of fortune-telling like the famous skeptic James Randi say that divination leads people astray, and believe it or not but I agree: those who indulge in fantasy to the exclusion of reality deserve everything they receive. On the other hand, I also believe that fantasy is as necessary as reality because even the strongest of us occasionally struggle with anxiety, fear, frustration, pain, and other mental or emotional obstacles.

When reality becomes intolerable, a Satanist may choose to employ ritual either as an occult method for changing reality in ways that would normally be impossible or as psychodrama to purge the mind. Likewise, a fortune-teller may use Tarot as tool to to think through a problem and purge the attendant fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that stand in the way of success. Perhaps the future is indeed being revealed through the cards? I enjoy indulging in the fantasy that it can be done. But I also accept that fortune-telling can provide a deeply satisfying and even motivating fantasy by which the recipient may conceive of things that were previously out of the question.

It is an inescapable truth of human life that everybody wants to believe in fantasy. What other explanation is there for the people such as myself who consistently turn to fortune-telling even though no fortune-teller has yet won the lottery by divining the winning numbers in advance, become a worldwide celebrity overnight by winning James Randi's $1,000,000 challenge, preventing terrorist attacks, preparing for natural disasters, or finding missing children? When crushing reality bears down upon us, we look for solutions. Whether those solutions come from reality or fantasy is of no importance so long as those solutions increase our happiness and quality of life.

Such is the nature of greater magic: "The change in situations or events in accordance with one's will, which would, using normally accepted methods, be unchangeable." It doesn't matter in the least whether this magic is accomplished through intricately choreographed rituals or through a simple deck of cards. The only thing that matters is if he or she who seeks the magic with an earnest desire for change is able to evoke his or her willpower toward the desired is-to-be and to purge the mental or emotional frustration which inhibits his or her success.

If you who read this are a fortune-teller, then no doubt you've witnessed this magic take hold of your sitters: their feeling of empowerment, certainty, and motivation are incredible! Thanks to the purgative effects of your service as a fortune-teller, you've helped them conduct a ritual to eliminate that which ails them and now they are free to move on. Fortune-telling is a ritual entirely in itself and requires no additional decoration or elaboration. Never forget the difference between reality and fantasy, but so too never forget the power of both reality and fantasy. For better and for worse, fortune-telling can change your world. Use it appropriately.