Belial 9: The Charioteer, Discipline, and the World.

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The Charioteer, Discipline, and the Way of the World
From left to right, the seventh and final triad in our grand tableau is composed of the Charioteer, Discipline, and the World. All three of these cards speak about control, authority, stability, order, solidity, possession, ownership, and orthodoxy. 

The thesis of this triad is the Charioteer, represented by the dominating, up-raised hand of the right-hand path. Wherever the Charioteer appears in a reading, it shows a person, situation, or thing which is dominating—or attempting to dominate—another person, situation, or thing. Just as an actual charioteer is the one who holds the reins and commands lesser animals to do his or her bidding, so too is the Charioteer a commander who orders others to obey and—through obedience—achieve more than was possible on their own. See? The Charioteer isn't so bad: if you're willing to simply give up free agency and be an obedient sub, you'll find that he's a very helpful dom. 

Ultimately, though, the Charioteer isn't interested in dominance for the sake of dominance, but instead wants to see something productive come from whatsoever he commands. For this reason, the Charioteer would benefit from the lesson of his complementary opposite, the Magician, and remember the benefit of letting horses run wild now and again. If you want knock the Charioteer off his high horse, invoke his polar opposite, the Devil. Disorder and instability are necessary for life, and denying the Devil her due will only withhold death from those who’ve lived past their time and smother the potential for new life to emerge in their place.

The antithesis of the Charioteer is the Way of the World, represented by a sphere bound by interlocking bands that run north, south, east, and west. Whenever the Way of the World appears in a reading, it shows a person, situation, or thing which is suffocating under a smothering weight. So long as he, she, or it who is gasping for breath under the Way of the World refuses to abandon his, her, or its figurative or literal baggage, the only outcome is death. 

Jason Voorhees as portrayed in the Friday the 13th movies is an apt metaphor for the world: you can run, or you can fight, but nothing you do can kill him and he'll never stop coming for you. You can choose to confront the World, but you will surely die. Alternatively, you can abandon wasteful choices in order to buy yourself some time. Not sure where to start? Follow the example of the World's complementary opposite, the Devil, and ride the lightning wherever it may take you; however, if you want to break the confining bonds of your world, then you should look for a Magician.

The synthesis of the Charioteer and the World is Discipline, represented by an ancient symbol: a circle within a square. This symbol is used to express awareness constrained by matter. Or in this case, inner potential channeled and focused by external restraints.

Wherever Discipline appears in a reading, it shows a person, situation, or thing which is choosing to impose strict order upon itself. This could be a professional soldier who lives according to a military code of conduct, a martial artist who devotes him or herself to a borderline monastic training regimen, or even simply a stubborn asshole who refuses to budge on a matter of personal importance. There is power in being still and refusing to be changed by culture or politics—if your stand is wise, others will join you and build a fortress against time. 

But if your stand is unwise, you will be seen for the cultural or political Luddite you are. The world will move on, but you won’t go with it, and you'll be forgotten and buried until such time as you yourself might become an occult relic for future generations. In this situation, you'd benefit from the polar opposite of Discipline—Chaos. Change for the sake of change is thoughtless, but change for the sake of survival is prudent.