Belial 16: The 40 Pips.

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The pips are the 40 numbered cards divided among four suits in the 78 cards of the Tarot deck, and they not only provide the fine strokes in a performance, but also inform the operation of the 16 face cards. The 22 trumps may function as a deck on their own, but without the complexity of the pips they will forever rely upon the imagination of the fortune-teller to fill in the gaps.

Unlike so many other fortune-tellers who put the greatest meaning into the fewest cards of the deck, the Satanic Tarot puts the greatest emphasis into the greatest number of cards in the deck. The trumps are important for the broad strokes, but the pips provide the detail and for that reason deserve your greatest attention.
In order to read the 40 pips, you need only combine the Satanic meaning of the number with the corresponding house of the Zodiac, numeric modality, and classic element. I've provided some definitions for each card, but because the full depth of meaning is only revealed when read in pairs and in context to a specific question, this list should be considered only a starting point for further investigation.
The suit of spades is the element of air and is assigned to the third, seventh, and eleventh houses of the Zodiac.

Cardinal Air: 2, 7, 6—(7th House)

  • 2: Blood promises; mandatory agreements; unbreakable attachments
  • 7: Sworn enemies; unexamined hatred; emotional commitment.
  • 6: Unquestioned promises; total obedience; uncritical allegiance
Fixed Air: 9, 5, 1—(11th House)

  • 9: Long-term ambitions; elaborate plans; patient plots
  • 5: Cultivated friendships; earned enemies; weight of law
  • 1: Wishful thinking; circle jerks; anticipated friendships
Mutable Air: 4, 3, 8—(3rd House)

  • 4: Skeptical advice; reluctant neighbors; fair-weather friends.
  • 3: Learned companions; proven advice; important lessons
  • 8: Know-it-alls; interested advice; biased news
Wild card: 10—(fortune-teller's choice)

  • Cardinal: Oppressive contracts; rabid enemies; guilty commitment
  • Fixed: Coercive networks; cults; group-think
  • Mutable: Social media addiction; forced relocation
The suit of clubs is the element of fire and is assigned to the first, fifth, and ninth houses of the Zodiac.

Cardinal Fire: 2, 7, 6—(1st House)

  • 2: Raw essence; core self; most vital urge
  • 7: Eruptive force; ignorant vendetta; furious rape
  • 6: Selfish presumption; arrogant force; unshakable confidence
Fixed Fire: 9, 5, 1—(5th House)

  • 9: Delayed satisfaction; creative development; erotic pipe-dreams
  • 5: Praise and gratitude; showing off; spurned gifts
  • 1: Romantic indulgence; family embrace; short-sighted pleasures
Mutable Fire: 4, 3, 8—(9th House)

  • 4: Hurtful prejudice; reserved skepticism; rejection of faith
  • 3: Occult knowledge; elitist perspective; jaded presumption.
  • 8: Righteous faith; fatal solipsism; liberating revelation
Wild card: 10 (fortune-teller's choice)

  • Cardinal: self-obsession; narcissism; divine mission
  • Fixed: Perfectionist; thrill seeker; frustrated nostalgia
  • Mutable: Pipe-dreamers; spiritual seekers; desperate visionaries
The suit of hearts is the element of water and is assigned to the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses of the Zodiac.

Cardinal water: 2, 7, 6—(4th House)

  • 2: Deepest roots; source of power; entrenched connections.
  • 7: Bleeding-heart liberal; unexamined support; cruel condescension. 
  • 6: Proven foundation; dependable support; stubborn opposition
Fixed water: 9, 5, 1—(8th House)

  • 9: Massive debt; slow poison; glacial shifts
  • 5: Accumulated poison; just transition; deserved retribution.
  • 1: Shedding waste; all-consuming sensation; profound release
Mutable water: 4, 3, 8—(12th House)

  • 4: Reluctant enemies; developing danger; rejection of the shadow
  • 3: Criminal mastermind; acknowledging the shadow; sounding the depths of the abyss.
  • 8: Sadistic tormentor; uncaptured threats; welcome dissolution
Wild card: 10 (fortune-teller's choice)

  • Cardinal: Possessive lover; idolatry; uncompromising orthodoxy 
  • Fixed: Sex addict; drug abuser; thrill seeker
  • Mutable: Compulsive secrecy; serial falsehood; morbid fixation
The suit of diamonds is the element of earth and is assigned to the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses of the Zodiac.

Cardinal earth: 2, 7, 6—(10th House)

  • 2: The true seat of power; necessary rule; the critic who can’t be eliminated
  • 7: Ignorant authority; petty vengeance; untested leaders
  • 6: A steady hand; consistent success; corporate rule
Fixed earth: 9, 5, 1—(2nd House)

  • 9: Coordinated investment; planned growth; corporate retardation
  • 5: Financial payout; failed start-ups; grateful reward
  • 1: Wallowing in treasure; feelings of worthlessness; present moment
Mutable earth: 4, 3, 8—(6th House)

  • 4: Self neglect; abuse of subordinates; rejection of status quo
  • 3: Life hacks; perma-culture; ingrained habits
  • 8: Serial masturbation; total environment; cutting off the nose to spite the face
Wild card: 10 (fortune-teller's choice)

  • Cardinal: Hypermasculinity; fear of showing weakness
  • Fixed: Self-destructive greed; gross hedonism
  • Mutable: Mandatory clockwork